Unwise Words 4 – The Golden Rule
October 6, 2008

I think “do to others what they would have you do to them” would be a better rule.  Everyone has different life philosophies and principles, and on a more concrete level, different behaviours and mannerisms.  Would it not be ignorant and perhaps self-righteous to assume that others want to be treated the way that you do?  It’s similar to the gift-buying principle – buy a gift that the person, not you, would like to receive.


Wise Words 3 – Parenthood
September 11, 2008

Unwise Words 3 – Friendship
August 25, 2008

So what happened to friends who…don’t stab you?

#71 The draft before the masterpiece (2)
July 17, 2008

#71 The draft before the masterpiece (2)

#70 Wrong reasons for having children 2 – Investment
July 4, 2008

#70 Wrong reasons for having children 2 - Investment

My brother may be the only one who sees the true irony.

And wishes he doesn’t.