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#80 You are your name (1)
May 24, 2009


#79 Intelligene
May 8, 2009

The Observation

Lost is a lot like life.

After awhile,

it becomes too tiresome to think about the bigger picture,

about whether there even is a bigger picture.

Good episode – great, enjoy.

Bad episode – doesn’t matter, just get through it.

So You Think You Can Dance 4 – Robert Muraine
June 13, 2008

I have watched this video too many times.

While waiting for new season 4 episodes, I watched season 3 in its entirety over the past week.  I was going to post videos and comments on the performances and contestants, but I learned today that Channel 5 has JUST started airing season 3!  I think I speak for the rest of my family when I say that our television is NOT dearly missed.  Oh wait, maybe the boys miss watching live sports tournaments/matches.

Unwise Words 1 – Karma
April 27, 2008

Unwise Words 1 - Karma

Karma is not throwing a banana peel and proceeding to slip on it.  If you throw a banana peel harder, it’s going to be nowhere near you so you’re less likely to slip on it.

Karma is throwing a boomerang and being hit by it (if you have poor hand-eye coordination).  If you throw a boomerang harder, it’s going to come back harder AND faster.

Please, you can’t outbitch karma.

American Idol: David Cook vs. David Hernandez
March 10, 2008

David Cook and David Hernandez

Left: David Cook, 25
Right: David Hernandez, 24

David Hernandez is a handsome man. His face is as chiselled as his money-making body. Apart from the bags under his eyes, his facial features are a work of art.

David Cook has a comb-over, slight double chin, doughy body, and eyes that disappear when he smiles.

Why, then, is David Cook instead of David Hernandez reducing grown women to fangirls?

Here is a screenshot of the American Idol forum front-page.

American Idol Forum

David Cook’s section has more than double the number of threads in David Hernandez’s section. More importantly, there are almost five times as many posts in David Cook’s section as compared to David Hernandez’s section. Taking into account the fact that quite a substantial number of threads and posts in David Hernandez’s section contain non-fangirl postings that either objectively or judgmentally discuss his gay-stripper background, David Cook is indubitably generating more buzz among the ladies.

Why is David Cook appealing? Firstly, some of his physical attributes that are supposedly flaws actually work in his favour to make him physically attractive. I have no explanation for this phenomenon. Secondly, he is a captivating performer. When he sings, he makes eyes at the camera. I have never wanted to be a camera more in my life. Thirdly, his personality is understatedly charming. During the Top 20 week, each contestant was supposed to engage in some self-disclosure by offering a personal tidbit of information. David Cook decided to tell us that he is a “word nerd” and a “geek for vocab”. Simon said his introductory video clip was “boring”. Maybe Simon has not met girls/ladies/women who prefer a Scrabble sweetheart to a Strip-Poker sleaze.

I am not saying that David Hernandez is not hot, because he obviously is. It is just that David Cook is the one that makes many females hot under the collar.

Bottom line: There is hope for us non-Adonises and non-Aphrodites.

Side note: If you have noticed that Jason Castro seems to be the most popular male contestant (at least based on forum activity), and do not know how he looks like, here is a picture. He reminds me of Zach Braff – but with dreadlocks, and in tight pants.

Jason Castro