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#75 Etymology – Mother
October 1, 2008

My mum came up with this.


Wise Words 3 – Parenthood
September 11, 2008

#72 Etymology – Brother
August 5, 2008

Birthday, my brother’s
June 28, 2008

Today is my brother’s birthday.  The best thing about having him as my brother is the fact that we have interesting conversations apart from those that result from Overprotective Older Brother Syndrome (Who is this guy?  How do you know him?  Does he like you?  Have you gone out with him?  *head implodes*)

Here are a few family conversation snippets from yesterday and today.

Birthday, my brother\'s - 1

Birthday, my brother\'s - 2

#69 And also with you
June 20, 2008

#69 And also with you

This is a somewhat true story.  My brother has never said “May the force be with you” (at least not to me), but he has said “The force is strong in you”.  Same difference.  😀