Unwise Words 1 – Karma

Unwise Words 1 - Karma

Karma is not throwing a banana peel and proceeding to slip on it.  If you throw a banana peel harder, it’s going to be nowhere near you so you’re less likely to slip on it.

Karma is throwing a boomerang and being hit by it (if you have poor hand-eye coordination).  If you throw a boomerang harder, it’s going to come back harder AND faster.

Please, you can’t outbitch karma.


2 Responses

  1. oh my hannah! I believe in karma too!!!! anyway my younger sister, peiyi, was reading your blog coz i intro it to her, and she likes it so so so so much. hehe.

  2. Hello peiru!

    I was watching The Amazing Race yesterday, and the guy who gave this “quote” was the first (team) to be eliminated. Not sure whether you watched season 12, but some of the teams are very interesting. Too bad only U.S. citizens can participate in the international TAR!

    That’s so sweet, thanks 😀

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