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Unwise Words 1 – Karma
April 27, 2008

Unwise Words 1 - Karma

Karma is not throwing a banana peel and proceeding to slip on it.  If you throw a banana peel harder, it’s going to be nowhere near you so you’re less likely to slip on it.

Karma is throwing a boomerang and being hit by it (if you have poor hand-eye coordination).  If you throw a boomerang harder, it’s going to come back harder AND faster.

Please, you can’t outbitch karma.


#62 Pet peeves
April 19, 2008

#62 Pet peeves

#61 Motivation
April 16, 2008

#61 Motivation

I am neither a devotee nor detractor of Joe Rogan. However, I am/was a fan of Fear Factor.

As for my brother, the countdown is to his 55th birthday. Also, I told you so.

Rubbing salt in my wound
April 14, 2008

When I came home on Thursday, my mum told me that the Internet had died not long after I had left home for school.  In a short time frame of about ten seconds, I thought three thoughts.

1. The comic strip in Archie Comics, where Jughead’s potted poinsettia, “who” was in love with Jughead, wilted each time he tried to leave “her”.

2. God has a wicked sense of humour.  The Internet has to konk out just when I need it to send and receive files to and from my schoolmates, and submit my assignments (end-of-term is always an unbelievably busybusybusy period).

3. Shit.

Thoughts #2 and #3 are the reason why I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I was put on hold on the SingNet helpline, and the following advertisement was played more than ten times (it was alternated with one other advertisement).

Rubbing salt in my wound

Acrostic Poetry
April 7, 2008

Remember when you looked at the girl/boy sitting beside you on the school bus, and no longer found her/him icky and gross? You probably wrote poems like the one below while daydreaming about that special person you wanted to share a table with during recess.

Acrostic Poem #1

When you were a teenager and mistakenly convinced that you were a master on the mechanisms of love, you might have written something more sophisticated.

Acrostic Poem #2

These are acrostic poems.

Acrostic poems are poems in which the first letters of the lines form a word/phrase/sentence vertically. As expected, the content of the poem has to be relevant to the word/phrase/sentence.

They may seem easy to write because you start the writing process with the first letter of each line already in place. However, this is a restriction as well because you are forced to stick to the structure. If you try to write an acrostic poem that tells a story, especially one in which chronology is crucial, you will know what I mean.

I personally prefer the entire poem to be written as one stanza when the first letters spell more than a single word, so that the reader has to take the initiative to “find” the phrase/sentence.

Acrostic poems tend to be disrepected because they are deemed to be “not real poetry”. I could not disagree more. I used to think that rhyming is the hallmark of first-rate poetry. I now know that rhyming is just another blob of paint on a writer’s palette of linguistic devices.

Give it a try 😀

Acrostic Poem #3