Happy Valentine’s Day: How do I live without you and you and you

1. 6000+ MB (and counting) Email Quota

I use one of my Gmail accounts as an online storage space. I love the fact that I can continually reply myself and the whole exchange is stored as a single mail – keeps my inbox organised. I send files to myself when I’m too lazy to bring my thumbdrive…from my bedroom to the living room.

2. Tabbed Browsing

So much easier to switch screens when I’m secretly surfing Wet For Went.

3. Microsoft Word

If I had to handwrite my term papers, my lecturers would cry. My handwriting is disgusting. An exchange student from U.S. told me that they do their examinations on computers while congregated in an examination hall. I cannot decide whether I want the same practice to be adopted here. I’m an awesome typer…but not when I’m gabra, so I might not have an advantage after all.


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